Girls Generation 09
(So Nyeo Shi Dae)

Policy Title: Girls Generation 09 Website Policy
Applicable to: All Legitimate Visitors  and Members
Effective Date: May 15, 2010
Authored by: naydsbeb (site owner)
Policy Description:

Girls Generation 09 Website Policy and Procedure covered the following:

1. Purpose
2. Scope
3. Authorities and Administration
4. Policy
a. Coverage
b. Corrective and Disciplinary Actions
c. Verbal Warning
d. Written Warning Notice
e. Suspension &Termination for Cause

Purpose –

All legitimate members and visitors of Girls Generation 09 are required to follow and adhere to website policy standard provisions. When those members and visiotors do not meet specified standards, Corrective and Disciplinary actions including termination for cause may be warranted from the organization.

Scope –

The Girls Generation 09 Website Policy is applicable to all members of this organization.

Authorities and Administration –

The Website Administrator has the jurisdiction and can control the management of the Girls Generation 09 website. She has the full authority to implement necessary corrective and disciplinary action for those members who intend to violate certain policy provisions. She will also act as the police reprimanding those unscrupulous users of the website trying or intentionally to dislodge Girls Generation 09protocols.

Policy –

a. Coverage of known violations:
a.1 Using the website to insult members of this organization in any degree.
a.2 Giving funny names instead of using the true names of all members of this
a.3 Fighting resulting of using bad words, cursing and throwing accusations.
a.4 Rumor mongering or promoting something undesirable or discreditable to the
Girls Generation 09 website.
a.5 Giving false information or information with out basis at all, which will result
to general confusion to the members.
a.6 Displaying nude pictures, or lewd materials to the website.
a.7 Giving or displaying pornographic websites.
a.8 Using the Girls Generation 09 website like e-commerce websites.
a.9 Using the
 Girls Generation 09 website for political purposes.
a.10 Using the Girls Generation 09 website in promoting bad comments and destructive
intentions to other members and visitors.

b. Corrective and Disciplinary Actions

Corrective and Disciplinary Actions cannot be administered according to an absolute set of rules; decisions must be made based on the facts of each situation. Corrective and Disciplinary Actions may be taken in progressive order up to and including termination for cause or may be administered as the situation warrants.

c. Verbal Warning
A Verbal Warning may be given by the website administrator or recommendation report from the members to the administrator to alert a member to specific deficiencies (all the coverage mention in Policy item a). .

d. Written Warning Notice
A Written Warning Notice may be issued by the website administrator given to a member through email when other efforts to correct performance or conduct deficiencies have failed or as a first Corrective and Disciplinary Action when the performance or conduct deficiency is serious enough to warrant a written reprimand. A Corrective and Disciplinary Action Written Warning Notice consists of a written document, which may be in the form of a letter or on the Corrective and Disciplinary Action Form. The Corrective and Disciplinary Action written warning notice will describe the deficiency; include a plan for corrective action, and a time frame if applicable.

Suspension & Termination for Cause.
A member after the written warning notice by the website administrator will be guided for the following number and degree of the committed offence.

e.1 First with minor degree offence will be charge to one (1) month
suspension to log in the
 Girls Generation 09 website.

e.2 Second with minor degree offence will be subject to five (5) months
suspension to log in the 
Girls Generation 09 website.e.3 Third with minor degree offence will be subject to ten (10) months
suspension to log in the
 Girls Generation 09 website.
e.4 Repetition of the same degree of offence will be subject for
termination or stripping his/her right to log in the
 Girls Generation 09 website forever.

e.5 First with major degree offence like slandering or insulting and other grievous offences stated at policy “a”, will be subject to ten (10) months suspension to log in the Girls Generation 09 website.

e.6 Second with same offence as stated in item e.5, will be subject to
termination or stripping his/her right to log in the website forever.