On May 12, SNSD's Yoona attends a special event organized by Innisfree.

This special event called “My Green Tea Tour” was held in Jeju Island and involved Yoona meeting some lucky fans who bought Innisfree products. They then proceeded to plant their own green tea trees, complete with name tags to indicate that they are the owners of it. Fans also received an Innisfree hamper, autographed SNSD album and photograph opportunity.

Yoona expressed, “I hope I can come over often to Jeju Island in future because I have my own green tea tree now. I am very thankful for the opportunity to meet my fans on this beautiful journey at close proximity.”

An Innisfree representative said, “Yoona has left a deep impression on her fans with her sincerity and friendliness. We hope that Yoona and fans have created a beautiful memory on Jeju Island and we thank them for supporting Innisfree products.”


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