SNSD’s Yoona excited 1,400 servicemen on a recent Family Outing 2 episode after the whole cast showed up at a Kangwon-do service area and surprising them.

The cast put on special performance as a treat for the servicemen and while the men generally enjoyed all the performances, the atmosphere turned red-hot when Yoona came on by herself.

The 1,400 men went literally crazy as the cheering pierced everyone’s ears including Yoona’s as she put on a sexy Deja Vu chair dance routine (?) but she kind of stopped midway through the performance and we end with SNSD appearing as only a preview for next week. Nice job by the sneaky PD.

There were other performances as well of course like Shin Bong Sun doing HyunA’sChange with TaecyeonJo Kwon performing 2AM’s I Did Wrong with Taecyeon, etc.

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