On the 14th, Secret’s Sunhwa pointed out SNSD Yuri’s skin tone on G7 and stated that it resembled a certain Teletubby.

Pointing out Yuri’s skin tone, Sunhwa jokingly stated, “It’s similar to Teletubbies’ Dipsy.

In this episode, while Goo Hara was operating the tractor, the rest of the girls, Kim Shin Young, Yuri, Sunhwa, and Hyuna had a little fun playing teletubbies.

While the girls picked their favorite Teletubbies member, Yuri was given Dipsy because of her dark skin color.

To this Yuri stated, “Now that I think about it, Dipsy is ugly.”

In reponse to Yuri’s statement, Sunhwa stated, “Unnie, your skin tones are similar.” While Yuri looked speechless and shocked by Sunhwa’s statement, Hyuna was of no help as she stated, “Dipsy is the darkest.”

source: allkpop

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