HEARTLESS - Girls Generation 09


I was born to kill. I was given life to put death on my hands. I do not choose who's to kill, but I choose in what way they will die. I am a killing machine.
 I know no emotions. I recognize no feelings. Not even pain, nor joy, nor fear, nor anxiety, nor discontentment --- nor love."Its time. They should be here", a tall dark haired woman whispered.

The softness of her voice matched the serenity of the dark night. They were people of the night so they had learned to work in the dark as if they belonged on it.

"Why does the Leader wanted to hold a meeting now? It's very unlikely of her to be out of the plan. I thought we aren't supposed to work until the next month? She always scolds me for not following the plans", another lady said. She was very pretty, a beauty that could be compared to a flower, like the two girls that stand beside her. Her eyes were very mesmerizing. Eyes that hid her cold and unspoken blood thirst.

"Things are too worked up recently. The Leader receives so many contacts. And some offers can not be resisted", the tall dark-haired girl replied.

As the two talked, the third girl yawned. She was so easily bored. She rolled her fingers through her long brown hair. A cold gust of wind blew. She shivered.

Then, two figures emerged in the darkness. Two short but beautiful ladies approached the other three. They walked silently as if their footsteps were leaves falling from trees in autumn. So serene. So calm.
"Sorry we're--", the shorter woman said looking at her watch, "--5 minutes and 33 seconds late. We've taken 'care' of something". She emphasized the word care as if it meant something.

With that said, the expression of the bored girl changed.Tim foreverfalltopieces

"Leader unnie! You're so unfair! You should've called me! I was so bored for not working in two weeks!", she exclaimed childishly though the disturbing bloodthirst clouded her eyes.

"Maknae, maknae, it was not a massacre so you won't really enjoy if you came. They're just dirty weaklings who need some cleaning", the other girl consoled the brown-haired girl called Maknae in an icy tone.

The Maknae sighed heavily. It was the sign that she was pissed off. She just sat on the bench and got back into rolling her fingers to her flawless hair. 

All of them laugh at the Maknae's reaction. Being youngest in the group, everybody treat her as their baby and their ace hitman. But because of her youth, she sometimes tend to be childish.

"Maknae! Unnie is very sorry. Don't be mad. I have a contract that would make you very happy. Very happy", the Leader said while smiling mysteriously.

Maknae's eyes widened. She smiled as she sensed that another bloodshed would be coming.

Note: i hope you enjoy the prologue. more bloodthirsty chapters to come. toodles!
10/25/2010 11:15:23

In our life, we suffer much difficulties, in this moment, I choose the positive side of life, then our life will be better. You sure to be.

11/28/2010 15:31:42

Happiness depends on our attitudes to life


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